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A fusion of vice and virtue, where naughty and nice meet up for food, drinks and good times

Sweet & Savory

Chicken and Doughnuts, and a lot more.

We're not sure who first thought of pairing fried chicken with doughnuts but it's the perfect entree to anchor our soon-to-be-famous menu featuring slightly excessive comfort food alongside craveable and healthy dishes.  

Canna-Bar : Crafted Cocktails with Hemp

Chill your inner demons - or with them.

Sit back and unwind with one of our alcohol free cocktails! Just because you live an alcohol-free life doesn't mean you can't enjoy happy hour with your mates. Enjoy your cocktail with a dose of CBD or Delta-9, produced locally and responsibly using a proprietary nano-emulsification process.

Texas Craft Beer

The Best Beer is brewed in Texas!

The combination of craft beer and sweet doughnuts is a decadent way to enjoy how beer and food interact. You like coffee and doughnuts? Try a coffee stout with your sweet, doughy round - not while on duty, officer. Craving caffeine? How about a pecan porter infused with an espresso shot and vanilla to compliment that sweet doughnut.

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