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How did this happen?

The short story... I said "I have a bad idea". She replied "What time do we start?"

Way back in 2020 we were hanging out somewhere in Vegas and came up with what we thought was a brilliant idea. What if you had a doughnut shop that served beer? Don’t ask "why", just accept that it was brilliant. For us anyway, we love craft beer and pastries. 


And if you knew that our motto in life is "You can never go too far" then adding fried chicken to the mix would seem perfectly normal. But we’re not normal which is why we ditched the thought of a traditional bar with liquor and developed a drink menu full of hemp infusions. Throw in some caffeine and - Jackpot! We have all the vices covered.


But we are also into staying healthy and enjoying life responsibly - for the most part, we have stories though. Seeking balance in mind, body and spirit, we loaded half the menu with things that are delicious and actually good for you - the Yin to the culinary Yang.

A million things happened from that night in Vegas until now, but here we are, seizing the day and all life has to offer - as one should! So what is Saints & Sinners Cafe? How do you describe the awesomeness you just discovered to friends? We like to think of it as an eclectic mix of Texas bravado and Mardi Gras energy wrapped in a vintage vibe and stuffed into a voodoo coffee shop run by gypsies. If that doesn't at least pique their interest, you should find better friends.

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