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Sweet & Savory

Chicken and Doughnuts

We're not sure who first thought of pairing fried chicken with doughnuts. Some say the idea was hatched decades ago in a doughnut shop way out west. What we do know is that it's the perfect entree to anchor our soon-to-be-famous Brunch menu or to satisfy your dinner cravings

We can't claim that we invented the highly addictive flavor combo, we just want to do it better than everyone else. That's why we use fresh, locally sourced chicken, marinated just right and  fried in our own  breading mix, and fresh glazed doughnuts with a dusting of powdered sugar. The bacon is only there because, well, bacon!

Beer and Doughnuts

Who thought that was a good idea? 

We did! And you will, too. 

The combination of craft beer and sweet doughnuts is a decadent way to enjoy how beer and food interact. You like coffee and doughnuts? Try a coffee stout with your sweet, doughy round (not while on duty, officer). Craving caffeine? How about a pecan porter infused with an espresso shot and vanilla to compliment that sweet doughnut?

Don't say "no." Give it a whirl.


Our selection of Texas craft beer on tap is curated to match the current doughnut offerings, but you are free to roam about our selection on your own, creating your own beer & doughnut Mojo. Or to just have a beer!

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Mojo Craft Doughnuts

Edible cocktails you didn't know you needed

Yes, you can have your Mimosa and eat it, too!


While some places hand you a cherry doughnut where the only "cherry" involved is merely suggested by the color of the icing, our craft doughnuts are made with real flavors to taste like real things. For example, our Old Fashioned doughnuts are  drenched in icing made with bourbon and bitters and topped with cherries. Tell us they're not the next best thing.

It takes a little time, effort, and love to make these babies but we know you'll agree that they are a lot more than just a pretty face.


Doughnuts. Beer. Coffee

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